2017 A Year of Kindness

Helpline is excited to join a growing “kindness movement” taking place across the country and around the world. We join other organizations, schools, cities and individuals committed to this simple but profound act.  We have embraced 2017 as a year of kindness and will devote our efforts to celebrating, honoring and championing all things KIND.  Please join us!

 Why kindness?

  • Kindness is healing. Quite simply it feels good! And not just for the person receiving the kind act. Even doing a small act of kindness can make us feel great. Seems our brains are hardwired to reward us when we’re helpful and compassionate. Thank you brain.

  • Kindness is unifying. So many things seem to divide us these days, politics, religion, race. But, kindness is universal. It crosses all of these lines, and in fact is the best chance of bridging the divides.  Imagine if we really listened with an open mind? If we tried to look at things from a different perspective? If we tried to find common ground?

  • Kindness is free. It isn’t an expensive “program to administer.” It is simply part of our bigger work and a way to recognize the wonderful acts of kindness we see every day at Helpline. The act itself is very often free – a smile, a kind word.

  • Kindness is action. Unlike sympathy or even empathy, you can’t simply sit alone on the couch and be kind. You must act. Again, that might be as small as smiling at someone, but it is an action. Action creates change. And a kind act creates positive change.

  • Kindness is contagious. Often when we are on the receiving side of an act of kindness, or even just a witness to one, we are motivated to pay it forward. One act becomes many -becomes a movement - becomes real and meaningful change.

  • Kindness is the foundation of our work.  Last, but certainly not least, Helpline would not exist without kindness.  The kindness our staff and volunteers show our clients every day. The kindness of the community in supporting our efforts through both monetary and in-kind donations. And, the amazing kindness of our volunteers in devoting thousands of hours of service that makes our work possible.

Bottom line, we’re excited to embrace kindness in all that we do over the coming year and hope you will join us in our journey.  Hint: The best way to get started is to like us on Facebook  ! We will be sharing stories of kindness, offering ideas and inviting you, the community, to share your stories and BE KIND to one another.  Help us outshine all the negativity happening around us with a wave of kindness.

Be kind. Be the change!

Liz McDevitt
Executive Director