The mission of Helpline is to affirm the worth of every person; address the needs of individuals, families and our community; and advocate for positive life transformation.


Vision Statement

The vision of Helpline is for the citizens of Walla Walla County to be secure in permanent shelter, having certain emergent needs met in the areas of life related to health, housing and employment through a collaboration of resources with Helpline, the client and other community partners.

Philosophy Statement

Helpline is the primary screening and referral agency in Walla Walla County for emergency social services.  Its philosophy consists of assessing the needs of individual and households in crisis and then assisting them through direct service, referral and advocacy, seeking to maximize the use of non-duplicated community resources and case management to achieve independent living while maintaining our Core Values.

Core Values

Equity – Helpline strives to maintain fairness in serving our clients, particularly by setting limits on the frequency and amount of assistance provided to an individual client in order to distribute charitable dollars to the largest number of people.

Dignity – Helpline seeks to uphold the dignity of our clients, respecting them as fellow human beings and recognizing that just because they have a need for social services does not in any way diminish the honor due them.

Independence  Helpline encourages independent living through fostering client participation in dealing with their emergency social needs.  Our organization is opposed to chronic dependence and feelings of entitlement and works through case management to promote self-help.  Our goal is to give folks a hand-up, not merely a hand-out.

Community – Helpline believes that poverty and homelessness is a community issue and seeks through partnerships, referrals and advocacy to broaden the base of the social service safety net.  Our motto, “Connecting our Community,” reflects our desire to involve all segments of community in serving the emergent problems associated with poverty.

Volunteerism  Helpline serves its clients primarily with volunteers.  We believe that volunteerism is not only an efficient means of providing charity (and is itself a charitable act) but it also involves the volunteers in an educational process, enabling them to grow as individuals and as advocates for societal change.